Giants Fever!

There is something about the feeling of the cool San Francisco breeze hitting your skin and blowing your hair around with the sun beating down as you walk toward the park. The shouting of the fans rushing to be the first in lines for a cold brew and warm crisp garlic filled fries seems like all one needs on a Friday night.

My people on orange friday

Active 20-30 Club of Healdsburg met for the first time the newly chartered club of San Francisco. What better place to share our first meeting than at AT & T Park? Giants fever was an understatement last night as the bus was loaded, keg was pumped and the red cups were passed around.The schedule was completely off but we didn’t care, there were pretzels to be eaten and people to meet! We were off on our very own School Bus with the raddest driver ever, Grasshopper. A lady with a Giants jersey of her own on and shinny silver hair with one very long skinny braid down the side of her head. Grasshopper was what people called “wicked”, meaning rad. In fact, I’m pretty sure she invented that term.

The pumper!

Late to the game and stuck in traffic, on a bus with no bathroom. Life is interesting and after the tunnel and we reach the City, life becomes more interesting when Twitter tells us critical mass is happening right now!

Naked dude being followed by our school bus

There’s just no way our luck can be that great. Oh, but it is, we are en-route to the ball park and the entire mass of bikers crosses the street and turns in front of us. Our Grasshopper is honking her horn at the crazy naked dude riding his bicycle through the tunnel. Finally we reach the park and rush to get to our seats. We knew there was no way we would have good seats especially since we knew we were in section 307, however, there was some small bit of hope in me that they wouldn’t be so bad… I do not remember the last time I sat up that high! My love and our friends couldn’t stop talking about how spoiled we have been with great seats this season: Field level right behind home plate in row I and Club level on the first bases line. We were so lost, we weren’t sure where we had access to…well, we had access to nothing. That’s okay though, we sat with a group of fans that had so much love and encouragement for the Giants, it was high energy! We could stand it for a couple of innings until I said, “Let’s go find some better seats!” And we did, we went down to the 10th row, right behind the Giants dugout. It was a great place to see Panda rush to second base, get called out and fall into an almost splits position. It was an awesome section to be in to feel the cheer and witness our boys rally to beat the Indians!

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