A special speaker at the wine tourism conference in Portland

The Governor of Oregon: John kitzhaber kicks off the wine tourism conference 2013! A supporter of the wine, culinary, craft beer and travel industries, he embraces the economic impact that’s created by the tourism industry. At the wine tourism conference it seemed appropriate to have a man so mindful of the business and it’s impact on the economy speaking to our group. He sees the big picture: understanding that water, soil, farming, transportation, local foods and the experience all play a huge factor in the growth of the economy. In the wine, culinary and tourism industries the guests want the experience. Travelers will seek out the experience and go home and tell their friends about their experience and chances are they will come back.

It was encouraging for me to hear the Governor speak about his passion and support for the Oregon tourism market. He said it beautifully when he said, “Oregon is a place where fertile soil and clean water create these superior products. Get out there and meet the people, have a little fun and a little wine, and leave us a little money here.”


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