Jess is a native to Sonoma County. She’s worked as a hospitality and marketing professional in the wine business for over 20 years. She is creative and social and has a knack for providing a similar experience in everything she does. 

Her passion for food, wine and people led her to a career in the wine industry. Her career in hospitality fostered a strong desire to help people with wellness and create a more balanced life.

She has always been passionate about  fitness; enjoying the outdoors, hiking, cycling, and kayaking. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an ovarian disorder which causes obesity, anxiety and depression (and many other symptoms). This increased her drive to discover a better, more healthy approach to a sustainable nutrition plan that would help her and other women and men with metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, among other ailments. 

Over the years, Jess has studied yoga, nutrition, insulin resistance, gut health, special diets for PCOS, and focused on whole foods and plant based diets. She has worked with various trainers and professionals to develop programs and goals for herself around weight-loss and health with living with PCOS.  She brings a wealth of knowledge around health, weight-loss, nutrition, mindset, mental health, and fitness to women (and men) struggling to find what works. She creates meal plans, guides, fitness calendars, works with clients daily for support and accountability to help them with success. 

Jess is a wife and parent with two grown boys and a mini Australian Shepard. Her husband is a chef who lends his expertise in the kitchen for recipes from time-to-time. She has worked in the wine business for over 20 years and loves hospitality, helping people with their weddings, being a concierge for them here in wine country, and sharing the love of Sonoma County with people she meets. Jess enjoys reading, writing (she is a published beverage and travel writer), adventuring, spending time with family and friends, helping people with their journey’s, and being active.



Jess has been active her whole life. She has loved food, known how to cook, and be healthy. She struggled with yo-yo dieting for years. Cleanse after cleanse, diet, after diet, she was defeated and gave up. Feeling depressed and diagnosed with severe anxiety, she just was lost. She took to soothing with food and drink. She was finally diagnosed with PCOS after trying for years to conceive. Her first fertility doctor told her she was, “too fat and if she lost 40 pounds she can come back and get pregnant”. Little did she know, there was an underlying health issue causing all of this extreme weight gain and depression. When her second fertility doctor actually tested her properly, it was discovered and Jess was basically told there was not a lot that could be done.

Countless hours of research told her that there isn’t a lot people know about this disorder, but she is certainly not alone, many women struggle with this and it goes unknown and untreated, sometimes for their whole life. Jess put her nose in her library books and got out and started running, and was determined to beat this. After learning that high cardio like running is actually bad for women with PCOS, it can in fact cause the reverse effect and increase weight (go figure!), she got back into weight lifting with BoDi, LIIFT More, and followed the calendar, and then did another weighted program, and another, with bits of cardio mixed in here and there.

She listened to book after encouraging book, from Brene Brown to David Goggin’s and other military-like books, books on sobriety, and fictional love stories woven in. She began IFS approach therapy and really took her self care and mindset to the next level.

After all of this work, all the dedication, all the knowledge, and the support of her wellness community and her husband, she is on the road to better health and pure joy inside and shines on the outside.

Jess’ personal health journey after finding support in her accountability group, shifting her mindset, and utilizing the tools she has through the BoDi platform. It’s more than just signing up for workouts and eating healthy though, it’s about finding what works for you so that you stick to it. The one thing Jess discovered through her journey is the support of accountability partners is what helped her stick to the process. Being a woman with issues with hormone health, metabolic troubles, and an endocrine disorder that doctors don’t seem to know much about or care enough for, is very difficult. advocating for yourself is tiring. Having the support is the key to success.

In January 2022 Jess was a size 16+ and weighed 230 pounds. She couldn’t lose much weight, she tried all the cleanses, she kept starting over because she told herself a story that it was just too hard. On January 5th she made the choice to change all of it and reset her entire lifestyle, without disrupting her life-style. She committed to healing herself on the inside, changing her mindset, telling herself a new story and what grew was her confidence, accountability to herself, love of fitness and nutrition, and helping others.
In the middle of her own journey, the photo on the right is October 2022, 190 pounds and a size 10/12.
She continues to make fitness, nutrition, and overall health a priority so she can live a joyful life. She is currently down 30 inches in March 2023.

Jess coaches people to keep striving and to not let the overwhelmed feeling take over or stand in the way of their happiness and health. Sometimes it just takes having someone else support you to really get you to the point where you feel like you can do it for yourself. Feeling defeated and unsupported by doctors is horrible, and stressful, and causes more damage in an already stressed body and world. Don’t let your mindset stand in your way, prioritize your health, you are the only one who can. We’ll work on mindset shifting, simple tricks to set yourself up for success each day, arm you with recipes the whole family will love and that won’t take much time to make, and you’ll feel great in your own skin! Our health is the cornerstone of our happiness. Without good health, we cannot embrace all the wonderful things life has to offer. Let’s give you the energy to be the best you possible!!

From Jess – Update, October 2023 – The life of being healthy and continuing to work on your health is an ever long one, it is never ending. I continued to be alcohol free, commit to workouts, and try to eat healthy while still living life. The mindset shift came at some point when I least expected it, and I realized that in order to continue this trajectory of healing and progress, I had to do more for myself. I hit the therapy harder and went inward more and more to heal. Trying to knock the depression that is exacerbated by the PCOS symptoms, is hard. Through encouraging fitness programs, talking to positive people, surrounding myself by possibilities of change and growth, really kept my head held high. I am still maintaining the weight-loss, but not going down… that’s one of the issues with PCOS, weight is HARD to come off and a lot of it has to do with hormones, the stress hormone for me. So you just can’t let it get you down, or make weight the focus. It’s not a sprint…. Goals for the next few months are to find joy my choices, relax, sleep well (and enough), practice yoga, workout, and be intentional. I try to tell myself I will fit in these size 10 jeans, and that is a goal, its not consuming me. That’s the dream right there, to discover what you need in life, focus on how to achieve it, but to not let it consume you. That way, you will keep your eye on the prize and keep going for it, without giving up.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you find encouragement in my story.

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  1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
  2. Aggressive energy; initiative.
  3. Skill; know-how.