I have been a supporter of Agave Restaurant in Healdsburg since they opened. I know the owner, we wanted to show our patronage and have helped to spread the word. It was really great in the beginning and then each time I went I was disappointed. It began to be painful supporting someone we knew if the food was sub-par. My go-to Mexican food is always an Al pastor super burrito with no beans. It’s not exactly the most difficult thing to make but is so tasty when done right. After a stint of gristle filled burritos or cold meals or way to spicy salsa, I have seen my luck looking up. Or better, Agave finally has the support they need to be consistent and put forth a great product. The last few times I ordered my burrito extra hot; they crisp the tortilla  and all the insides are married together deliciously {as it should be}. My Al Pastor at lunch a couple days ago was, “life changing” as some my Instagram and Twitter friends stated from the looks of the picture. Down to every last bite, dripping with sweet juices, guacamole and sour cream, the burrito left me wanting more and more.

I believe that after careful monitoring, the owners of Agave know what their customer wants.

They have spruced up the bar, added all the high end Tequilas and created hip atmosphere that is warm and welcoming for everyone.



Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3


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