Altamont Beer works

A favorite on this trip: Altamont Beer Works was cool and hip inside and the people very nice although, they did have one odd thing about them: the way they do their tasters. You get one plastic cup and one beer to taste at a time. I found it very strange considering we have traveled all over the country tasting beers and have never come across this but hey, the beer was off the hook. Their shelter IPA was great but they were “out” of the hella hoppy and after chit-chatting with our bartender, she asked {who I can only assume was the boss} if she could give us a special taste and he gave the nod, so we tried hella hoppy and we were hella happy.

They do tours, samplers, and fill growlers. They have the mini growlers too.

DSC_1496_1361.jpg DSC_1499_1364.jpg DSC_1501_1366.NEF.jpg DSC_1504_1367.jpg

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