An Interview with a Digital Media Superstar

Recently I was given the assignment to interview one of my idols in the wine business and social media industry: Lisa Mattson. Lisa is the Communications Director at Jordan Winery and is well known throughout our industry for her video storytelling and digital marketing expertise. Lisa is a normal, small town girl whose dreams of making it big with an awesome career and fantastic life in the wine country, came true.

Since the beginning of the social media age a few years ago, I have followed Lisa and looked up to her for her abilities to create awesome, interesting content. Never really knowing her, but having heard a lot about her and knowing her online image, I was excited to find that she is down to earth and extremely friendly. Lisa is the kind of person people try to be and her life is the kind of life many of us aspire to have. She has the support and capabilities to create some of the most entertaining content on the social media channels.

My interview with Lisa inspired me to think more about content, create a digital marketing strategy, and to never stop reaching for what I want. Lisa is an incredibly inspiring person and I look forward to sharing some of her story in my next piece in the Sonoma Discoveries magazine coming out in March. Look for the magazine at your local market.

Never stop trying
Never stop trying

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