Best of 2012!


2012 has been an intense year for my family. We have definitely had our fair share of fun in the Poshepery {Poshepny-Vallery} household.


My birthday is in February and usually we have to plan for something awesome but this year, our favorite football team made it to the National League Championship, the San Francisco 49ers. That was a great day, we all looked like stooges in our clear plastic suits covering our clothes because of the pouring rain. Our seats were completely exposed the entire game and we lost but it was surely fun!


What would a birthday be without a taste of once-a-year released craft beer?! My Love and I LOVE Pliny the Elder at Russian River Brewery and the Younger comes out for a limited time in February, sometimes for only two weeks! The line is long, the limit is two 10 ounce glasses per person…we try to go several times. We waited in line at 10:30am {they open the doors at 11am} and the line was pretty long then. They reach capacity quick! So we made a day of it; we made it our job one Monday afternoon to drink the Younger and eat pizza. 6 hours later, a group of 6 were in bliss after several glasses {they liked us so they didn't limit! + we tipped Well} of the Younger, pizza and loads of bar bites. We could all hook ourselves up to an IV of the Younger and love life!


One of my favorite special moments was receiving a beautiful watch for Mothers Day- my boys all gave me a Happy Step-Mothers Day gift! Sweet! I knew I had touched their lives as much as they have mine.


I fell in love with Portland. My Love and I made a trip of it when I went to the #WBC12 {Wine Bloggers Conference}. Portland is saturated with good craft beer and all around good people. Our favorites were the Hub and Cascade. A new found love of sours was discovered.


The baseball season heated up and our team was killing it. Our youngest was able to go onto the field at one of our trips to San Francisco because of an auction we bid on. He got to be the “Play Ball Kid”. What an experience. We all stood there in awe as Logan yelled out, “PLAAYYYY BAAALLLL!!!!”. It was the perfect time for a photo opt and one of the gals got a shot of all of us decked out from head to toe one the AT&T field at night- our Christmas card was born.


We love any excuse to throw a party. The Fourth of July is the perfect reason. We rented a blow up slip n slide that had rainbows and clouds at the top of the entrance, it was 4 feet tall and 26 feet long; comfy, fun and safe! With the help of Uncle Timmy's food spread and a keg of Lagunitas IPA and Bear Republics Racer 5, we were set for fantabulous summer Q.


The baseball season was coming to a close and the San Francisco Giants were now in Post Season and we were there! Twice!! We took our boys to one game and we went again to game 7! Wow! The nail biting experience and the energy in the park was like nothing else; it's indescribable. We were all on the edge of our seats at the bottom of the last inning when the cal was about to be made to delay the game due to rain and suddenly it stopped. Romo pitched and the last out happened then… Victory Rain! We did it- we were going to the World Series!!


I wouldn't be a die hard fan if I couldn't figure out a way to go to the World Series. We sat in the bleachers at Game 2, dressed in all orange and Black- I had an orange wig and gory photo taken with a chic dressed as a bunny by the SF Chronicle! That was Epic-Awesomeness!


Of course the trip to San Francisco for this World Series Champs Parade was a MUST! We won in game 4 and had to pull the kids out of school to celebrate in style! We were there for the 2010 and the 2012 Parade!


I took my Love to Hawaii for his birthday in November and we found this site UnRealHawaii where this guy posted pictures and information about all these off the beaten path hikes. The best of the best for us was the Olomana Trail- difficult to find. And difficult. We HIKED up 1,600 feet and were literally climbing straight up with a huge drop on both sides of us. We climbed using ropes at some parts and really needed to rely on each other for help and support- a truly amazing couples exercise. We learned a lot about each other up there in a hugely vulnerable state. Well worth it and at the top: the most spectacular view of Hawaii I have ever seen.


Finally, the best day of the entire year: Christmas. My Love and I had our family and friends over for Christmas dinner and during dinner while everyone was about to start chewing down on the delicious prime rib Uncle Timmy made, Tim stood and thanked everyone for coming and announced we were going to get married right there! We had talked to our dear friend a month before and went over vows, though, nobody else knew! It was a wonderful surprise and the best day of 2012! <3





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