Bird & the Bottle

Cool atmosphere, nice people, the mood was very warm, and the tables were just far enough apart so one doesn’t feel like they’re dinning with the tables next to them. We sat in the room where we had a view of the open kitchen. It’s always fun for us as a chef and general food lover {my husband being the chef, I’m the home-cook} to see the action.

The menu is unique and creative. It is a bit pricey, but that’s nothing too unusual with a Stark restaurant. The quality is there so we don’t mind paying more for good food. I started with my usual cocktail: Maker’s Mark Manhattan up with two shakes of bitters {$10}. It was a tad on the sweeter side and had two large cherries in the glass, that seemed to be made in house, they were plump and added a nice dimension to the drink. We ordered the warm sesame biscuits with pimento cheese and pickled jalapenos {$6}. I was a bit skeptical but took the leap and WOW, it was tasty. The acid on the pickled jalapenos really brought all of the flavors together. Fried cheese curds {$8}. What else can I say? It’s fried cheese curd. Yum. The pimento cheese spread goes well on these too!

Next was the clam & kielbasa chowder {$11}. This is another dish that makes you think, “hmm… should I?” but yes, you should, it was wonderful. The flavors were rich, spicy, fresh, and worked very well together. There were two unopened clams in the bowl, which definitely happens, hopefully next time the chef will catch that- it’s not the end of the world but when paying those prices, all of the food going out should be edible. All in all, this dish was superb, I will be ordering this one again!

Lastly, we shared the B&B mini burgers {$8}. These are not to be mistaken for black and blue burgers {clearly it’s for Bird & Bottle}, they have American cheese and grilled onions on them. For a mini, the bun was packed with meat; juicy, full of flavor, and cooked perfectly.

The general feel of Bird & Bottle is warm, cozy, and the service is great {of course, if there’s one thing the Stark’s know, its how to train there staff}. The cocktail list was well thought out, a lot of 1920’s style drinks, the wine list mostly local, and the beer list was good but not a lot of variety. The one thing that I hope they will fix is the ventilation in the kitchen. The place smelled amazing but after we left my eyes were burning from the smoke and my hair, sweater, and leather purse reeked of smoke, not a huge deal if you have nowhere else to go after…. I defiantly smelled like I had been smoking meats all day at work. Other than that, the place is top notch and a good addition to downtown Santa Rosa.

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