Bombers, Crowlers & Growlers: How to Take Your Favorite Craft Brews Home

The crowlers from Crooked Goat Brewery in Sebastopol’s Barlow. (Tim Vallery)

Since the dawn of beer, there’s been many ways to serve and store the beloved brew. In historic descriptions of beer drinking, beer was served from communal bowls and ceramic pots. Medieval monks in Europe stored beer in barrels and, after years of trial and error and shattered glass, it was first bottled in glass in London, England, over 400 years ago.

In 1935, after the American Can Company finally managed to figure out how to develop a container that could prevent the fizzy drink from chemically reacting with tin, beer was canned for the first time. By the end of that year, other companies like Pabst and Anheuser-Busch had followed suit and over 200 million cans were produced and sold.

Fast forward some 80 years and larger vessels like growlers and crowlers are now used to package the craft beer of our time.


Find out the difference between each vessel and what local beer lovers and brewers think: READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE ON SONOMA MAGAZINE 




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