Boulder Creek Brewing Company


​At the tail end of our brewery tour, we sought out for the charming little town of Boulder Creek {much like Geyserville}. Boulder Creek Brewing Company has the old school feel inside and the charming small town feel outside. As we approached, the man watering the plants with the old, dirty hose said hello to all the people passing by.

Nearing noontime, I knew fried food was definitely in order. Avocado fries? Yes, that’s right. Fresh house made avocado fries. Everything about this dish is fantastic; fried in panko crumbs. They were firm and yet soft at the same time.  Use the Crystal brand hot sauce for dipping; it is amazing with the flavors of the avocado. These fries are on the top of my favorites list for sure.

​Naturally I knew it would be difficult to follow the avocado fries but the sweet potato fries did well. Salty, crunchy on the ends, soft in the center and hot. Yum! Plus, we added garlic to them so that made every bite even better. Both treats were the perfect pairing with Boulder Creek brews. I recommend the sampler {of course} to start and then decide what best suits your palate.

I loved the American Blonde. In fact, I bought my very first growler of that beer, it was that good. My love has a thing for growlers so we purchase at least one at every place we stop {even if he’s not in love with the beer}. I had never loved one enough to want to take it home. This American Blonde, however, I felt I could not live without another taste! All of the beers are great: well made, balanced, full of flavor and not really available anywhere else. In close second was the dragon’s Breath IPA {we bought a growler of that as well}. I recommend sitting in the bar area. I always enjoy interacting with the bartender because you can find out good information about the area and the beers or just chat about “stuff” with someone new.

The music {Dorris Henderson & John Renbourn} was delightful and it paired nicely with the old time feel of the town and the brewery. There is definitely something here for everyone: the food is solid, the service is great and the beers to die for {really}.

I love this place.

Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3


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