Brewery # 200!

I wanted to hit brewery number 200 for my birthday with our beer buddy, Erin. It seemed suiting to have this milestone be at a local brewery. Thankfully two new breweries opened up within the last couple of weeks. Warped Brewing in the Barlow was the lucky number 200.

A place owned by a couple who is obsessed with old video games. The room is decorated with 80’s + 90’s game art, has some pin ball, and the coasters are old hard disks with the labels still on them that they’ve attached cork to the back to prevent slipping. Brilliant. Everyone loves to reminisce about the times when we played that one game for hours or never could make it past that one level. I didn’t realize how much I really loved sega’s sonic the hedgehog back in the day. I also always loved super mario brothers. Sitting around, sipping on beers and talking video games is fun and feels so carefree.

The beers are good. They have three currently:  the crash of ’83, orbital outrage, and pixelated porter.

Nice people + cool decor + good beer.

Warped Brewing


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