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A recent trip to the Big Apple took me to some of New York City’s finest eateries. DBGB Kitchen was among these hot spots. My fiance is a well respected local chef in Healdsburg and is always yearning for some  culinary inspiration. Nothing more than simple perfection can be used to describe this place.

From the wittiness of the server whose red curly locks suggests she a NYC hip trendsetter and not only enjoys what she does but also dines in her backyard.The bartender and his pride for mixology; he carried out my Manhattan and expressed to me he had no more Maker’s Mark Bourbon but that he recommends Woodford Reserve. Yes, please! I giggle each time I recall that experience when he not only brought out my Manhattan but knelt beside our booth and waited patiently and eagerly while I took my first sip- I confidently gave him a genuine *thumbs up smile*.

To the unbelievably inexpensive Prix Fixed menu ($27) which included their famous burgers, your choice of three.

Listen to the magical tunes of Michael Jackson and one of my all time favorites, A Tribe Called Quest.

To the inside of the dinning room where you gaze up into a shrine of culinary brilliance: the copper pots and pans donated to the design of the restaurant by some of the worlds finest chefs.

See the restrooms lined with the measurement descriptions and conversions, knife descriptions, silverware explanations and the know all of cooking from a French culinary guide. The paper lining the restrooms are not only from a book but appear to be spilled on and soiled as though used by a renowned chef day in and day out- I fantasized that the one and only great Julia Child left her collections to such a project.

Taste the knowledge of the Sommelier through the ongoing list of micro brews that were carefully selected based on how well they would pair with the food.

Indulge in the brilliance of Daniel Bulud and his team. For a whopping $27 one can walk away feeling taken care of, spoiled with a fantastic meal and like we had just eaten at one of  New York’s finest restaurants- which is all true.

I ordered the Frenchie Burger: confit tomato, arugula, morbier cheese,
confit pork belly, bacon and black pepper bun (house made). A good rule of thumb is: Bacon makes everything better. It’s very true. So if it isn’t enough to stick to that, try dabbling in this: Pork belly makes bacon better. Forget the cheese and the house made bun; you’ve got beef, pork belly (confit pork belly, no less) And bacon! Okay, don’t forget the cheese or the bun. This burger is dynamite. A true expression of culinary creativity.

Great fries. Fresh, crisp on the outside and nice a soft inside. Lightly salted.

Black forest cake, phenomenal. Presentation is so thought out, the
flavors are balanced. After a filling meal, the last part- desert just cannot be missed, it’s beautifully done and every bite mirrors the image; perfection.



Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3

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