Dunbar Brewing

In a small little “one horse town” known as Santa Margarita, we found Dunbar Brewing on our way into Paso Robles to our hotel. The place looked deserted at night on a weeknight but the owner/brew master was in fact there…painting. He was sort of stand offish at first but I think he had gotten in the groove of painting the back bar that he just wanted to get it done. He warmed up to us after a few tweets and more talk about craft beer, he took us on a tour of the facility. There was really not much to this place, it was a room in the back where he brewed the beer, very small in comparison to the rest of the breweries we have visited, but it was cool.

He has an incredible selection of bottle beer too. It was almost like our home-town craft beer shop Beer Craft {Almost}.

He only had the Chocolate Peppermint Stout and the Stupor Sonik Stout. Neither of us are big into stouts but they were well made beers and worth the taste. The peppermint stout was really like sucking on a big candy cane. Since we were here in the winter on Christmas break, it was fitting.

I am looking forward to returning later in the year to taste the IPA and other beers.

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