Eating Healthy and Delicious

Coming up on mid January already and I am still going strong with my new years resolution to just eat healthier more often. I figured, how could I fail if I am very vague? So I decided not to put specific parameters on my eating, only that I would eat less bread and pasta, I’d cook more, eat out less, and be more conscientious of caloric intake. So far so good. Here are some tastefully interesting foods to make for a nice dinner in, that don’t take a long time to prepare, and can be prepped in advance so coming home after work and whipping up dinner is easy!


Spaghetti squash pasta with roasted carrots and roasted garlic. The squash is easy to prepare, the carrots and roasted garlic can be done in advance and if you don’t have that, you can add in any sweeter tasting veggie of your choice {I like to use something sweeter rather than earthy because the squash is already earthy in taste}.

Crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic, carrots, celery, and garbanzo beans. Make a quick stock from the scraps of the veggies and ladle the broth into the pot after the flavors have been able to merry nicely together from sauteing. This is delish. The beans add a nice texture to the soup and the overall flavor is savory and a bit sweet from the roasted garlic. This is a great, hearty soup for the cold winter nights, once cooked, it can be frozen for a no fuss dinner later.

My fav: lettuce cups. Probably the one thing I miss the most in life when I go on these healthy lifestyle trips is the tortilla. I love tortillas and corn tortillas are great too but they are  not nearly as satisfying and they still have a lot of calories. So I pile much of the fixings from a yummy taco into this lettuce cup and bam: healthy! I like to do spiced chicken as the base {ground turkey is good too}. Then make a sort of slaw: slice cucumbers {with the skin on} and radish using the mandolin and then run your knife through once and put those aside with some ponzu sauce. The slaw goes on top of the chicken and then a drizzle or two of siracha and you have yourself a healthy, filling meal that tastes great.

The toughest part about eating healthy is boredom. I find myself in the same pickle every time, I eat the same healthy things everyday and then I get board f the flavors so I eat cookies or something and that’s not right. So spice, citrus, and Asian sauces are great to have in the pantry because they keep the flavors interesting and bold.



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