Everyone Else is Doing it…

Pliny the younger is released now for two weeks and by allocation per day! Downtown Santa Rosa gets overly excited about trendy openings revolving around food and beverage. A 20 minute wait to have a 10 oz pour of a beer I have never had before? Why not?! I am guided by the masses and trust my fellow facebookers to steer me toward a delicious, thirst quenching beer. And even if it’s not; what the heck, it’s only here once a year. I don’t want to be left behind….. In one moment I am reminded that the Social network, my social network is like a family, it’s cliquey and ever changing. This is as much like High School as High School is! The difference now is I know what is right and wrong so I most likely will not be pressured by my peers for to commit any unjust actions or for lack of a better word, stupid acts. I do however,find myself where my Twitter and Facebook friends tell me I should go, the places they like, I try what they like and thus I like the Younger. Social networking brought me to these friends who now I trust and through this trust I now will wait patiently for next year when I can consume two 10 oz glasses of this delicious, extra hoppy beer. Pliny the younger hangs out for two weeks with it’s “Elder”. A setting similar to what is seen while you sit sipping the younger and look into the hall of the brewery and see all of Santa Rosa coming together for one cause. Santa Rosa, Twitter peeps, Facebookers and all Sonoma County people alike are here. We have the hipsters, the unemployed, the Monday weekenders (that would be me), the retired and the “self employed” all together. The only thing that makes it a Monday spent in beer heaven is they have the Beatles, Hey Jude in the background. Nothing like a picture shot of a scene from the 80’s, great beer, awesome server running around in his full foot cast, my love and the beetles to fill a beautiful Monday afternoon. Oh and it’s 76 degrees in February…..

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