Faction Brewing

We finally made it to Faction Brewing, our 198th brewery! We had tasted the Faction Pale Ale a couple of months ago at Magnolia in the City and it was absolutely delicious! We were so looking forward to this place.

Way out in the cuts, it took quite a while to get to the brewery. It’s positioned right on the bay with the most spectacular view of the city and bay bridge. First impression: AWESOME.

Faction Brewing

We were greeted by a nice lady who sounded like she was one of the owners. She happily poured us the taster and we sat at a barrel table and enjoyed. Every beer was made well and tasted fantastic. The pales were so smooth and floral, they were insanely easy to drink. The IPA is really great too but I think my favorite is the Faction Pale Ale still. I am absolutely CRAZY about this place!

Faction Brewing
CRAZY about Faction!

Faction Brewery

Faction Brewing

The tasting room is on one side of the brewery and to get to the ladies room I had to walk through it. It’s a cool spot but because they are small and the owners work in the brewery and in the tasting room, their hours are fairly limited.
Wednesday—Saturday open 12-7PM
Sunday open 12-5PM
Monday and Tuesday – CLOSED

Faction Brewing

Faction will definitely be on our regular rotation, especially now since we are members at a somewhat nearby brewery: The Rare Barrel.

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