Get in my Mouth: Nachos! For your Super Bowl Party

The best thing about Super Bowl is the FOOD! Especially since I am not a fan of either of the teams, I will just be eating a drinking. I came across this recipe for easy and delicious nachos on one of my favorites sites: Bon Appetit. There are so many ways to make nachos and you’d think it would be so simple as just putting some cheese and meats on chips and heating it up, but it’s not that simple. It’s actually very easy to mess nachos up.


Here are some tips on making sure your messy nachos are not messed up for your super bowl party:


-Use a think, salted chip. I like to use the Santitas.

-Pick out several cheeses: cheddar and mozzarella because they melt and can be nice and stringy. Then pick something else for some good, rich flavor. Think smoked cheese too depending on the type of meat you’re using. Smoked cheddar or smoked Gouda are good and add a nice savory component.

-Chopped veggies in small pieces so that each bite you get a little bit of everything.

-Saute your onions lightly to soften them and the potency.

-Heat up your black beans before and drain them of all liquid so the nachos don’t get soggy.

-Use fun things like thinly sliced jalapenos, arugula, Castelvetrano olives {sliced}, kalamata olives, and green and yellow tomatoes.

-Get creative and make your own salsa. Sometimes I like to get really creative and do a mango jalapeno salsa- spicy and sweet. Again, depending on the meat and cheeses, you can change it up.


-LAYER. LAYER. LAYER. Think lasagna. The noodle goes down, then the meat, sauce, and cheese.

Don’t be one of those people who serves nachos and all the good stuff is on the top and the side chips and those underneath are bare or have just a tiny bit of lonely cheese. Place the chips on the sheet tray, add cheese sparingly, add the other kind, and the other, then go crazy with your ingredients {minus the cold stuff}, then repeat.

-Season your sour cream.

Dollop your sour cream and guacamole. Do this at the very end so the nachos stay hot. Leave extra out in a dish with a little spoon for those of us who indulge.

I like to make the guacamole a few hours ahead so the flavors of the cilantro and lime can marry well together before going on top.


Everybody loves nachos so make a few different varieties. Its fun, delicious, and a a super easy clean up because you can serve this on a sheet tray with aluminum foil- it’s acceptable!
Photo from Bon Appetit

NOW for the best part: the craft beer!

There is no better beer {in my opinion} to have on Super Bowl than IPA. Look for Daytime IPA from Laugunitas {you can drink it all day}, Pliny {for the first part of the game, but if you want to keep standing, switch!}, Racer 5, and Blind Pig is great too. You can pair your nachos with the Almanac IPA, Golden Gate Gose, and Valley of the Hearts Delight {if you can find it}

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