Getting lucky!

I recently was the lucky gal that won two tickets to one of my favorite wineries winemaker dinner: Roederer Estate! Each year they do a winemaker dinner with a local Mendocino restaurant, Cafe Beaujolais. The Chef and the Winemaker get together and prepare a Dungeness Crab specific menu paired with the wonderful Roederer sparkling wines.

I plan these events and execute them for a living and I was truly impressed. Naturally I was excited to be able to go to a nice dinner {on the house} with my husband but I was also so excited to be able to research some other estates that have been in business for many years! We were greeted by the lovely winemaker and his wife: Arnaud & Florione. They were as humble as I had hoped a sparkling winemaker would be!

We began the evening with an aperitif: Roederer Brut with peach juice and a splash of bitters; a fabulous beginning to an oh so rich and wonderful eight course meal.




Foie Gras on top of a crab cake won ton {shhhh… the foie was IMAGE_D93F7B2F-5C4C-483E-A90A-8CEC30C5C76A.JPGthere but not Really there…} IMAGE_DC2C586B-79A3-42AA-A3AB-7D3196CC9D9E.JPG

Crab Beignets. YUM.



IMAGE_D1AE98A4-C698-4957-A385-A1049F55EF25.JPG“He” Crab bisque with puff pastry.




IMAGE_9B35CF82-FEB2-4AFA-A145-B8024551990A.JPGA current release 2008 Brut Rose VS. a 1990 Brut Rose from the same area- can sparkling wine age well? Yes, it can! What a treat! The 1990 had beautiful notes of caramel, mocha and nutmeg- a true dream.


Crab, brown butter roasted squash, toasted pecans.


IMAGE_0B1530D4-7FCF-4EAD-9491-45975366442D.JPGPersimmon sorbet- interesting, not my thing but a beautiful look.



IMAGE_D53050C8-DF57-48C0-880A-48DBF088864F.JPGA new local cheese producer.




Bread pudding with candy-cap mushroom sauce and candid bacon!


A fantastic experience. The winemaker was charismatic and entertaining, he was warm, along with his wife. They were detailed in their information, social and friendly. I had a wonderful time doing research for work!!






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