Geyserville breaks ground!

The little charming town of Geyserville {I like to refer to it as G’Ville} is finally breaking ground to build the Community Park in the heart of the downtown. The lot that once was an old gas station {among several, years ago} has been sitting vacant and ugly for years now. The process it was going to take and the amount of money was just too much for anyone to do anything with the property. Then a man moved into town with skills and the want to volunteer his time, along with many other G’Villians who own businesses, have skills to make it all happen, we are now in the process of building a park that will serve as beauty for the town. The park will represent the Russian River with Steelhead made from steel, there will be benches, trees and course the mural.

At the ground breaking ceremony, which consisted of about 40 or so people {a great turnout for little G’Ville} I took this photo because to me, this is truly Geyserville. The cute little “Oldies” who have been supporters f the town for many years, the business owners, the newbies and of course our very own photographer. The images of Geyserville always have everyone in them but one man, Rick, the towns photographer. Here’s to you Rick!

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