Harmon Brewing Company

Harmon Brewing Company is huge and old and funky. The beers are ok and worth a try but nothing so spectacular. In downtown Tacoma, there are a lot of places to go but we wanted to grab a bite to eat and thought this was promising. We ended up waiting for so long at the bar while the bartender gossiped with another co-worker, then finally I was able to order and then I never saw her again. It seemed like there may have been a shift change or just someone taking pity on me because this nice guy came over and helped me with my order and then was kind enough to pack up my food to go before it came out. This place was poorly kept and after seeing into the back area where they wash dishes and peering into the kitchen- I was reluctant to eat the food but it was substance. I really don’t recommend this place. I hate to publish anything but raving reviews of breweries, but that’s not always going to be possible. This place needs to call Restaurant Impossible for a revamp and get a handle on management.

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