Health & Harmony

Health is not just about food and exercise, it’s about feeling good, having satisfied & fulfilling relationships, and keeping our lives clutter free. In preparation for the new year I decided that it was a good of time as ever to clean out my cupboards, wash all of my linens, reorganize, and iron them. What’s the point in having beautiful linens if you cannot use them? Now I am ready for entertaining and taking pretty pictures.

Another great thing about cleaning up clutter is that there are so many people in need right now and it’s freezing outside. Many people and families could use the clothing that we don’t even see, care about, fit into, or remember we have. So I went through my closet and boxed up three BIG boxes for goodwill. Find a Goodwill near you.

An important part about life change is to change all aspects; seeing the clothes that you are SO close to fitting into and helping others by donating is a good step. Feeling good about oneself while we are on a journey to make ourselves better will only help strengthen us along the way and keep us motivated.

So go ahead, go pour yourself a La Croix and fill up some boxes!

Here’s to your health & harmony!

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