Happy New Year 2011

I am a Twitter maniac and do not leave out any of the other social media channels; they all get equal attention. This is why I was not surprised when I read that this year on New Years Eve Twitter broke the record for tweets in a minute: 400,000. This was up from some 4,000 last year. So I asked myself, self, if tweeps all over the world were tweeting at midnight on this rainy (in California at least) eve then did Tweeting take the place of the first kiss of the New Year? Is romance dead and taking the back burner to social media? Life as we know is lost and people would just as soon be touching base with “friends” or followers across the world than be with those they love. As a child New Years Eve was always a special day for me. Like most girls who day dream about their wedding and the perfect groom, I often found myself dreaming of that perfect kiss. I had mine in 2011, sitting at a little table in the corner of a dark Ravenous restaurant in rainy Healdsburg. Not long after though my phone was blowing up with excitement from people checking in with me on Foursquare. I suppose it is always more fun with more people on an eve where you bring in a New Year. So I decided to learn from this finding and I resolve to not let my social media life get in the way of my life (IRL). My friends will be involved as always but those I see beside me will always come first.Thank you to my Love, Tim for bringing 2010 to a close with me along with a most perfect Manhattan!


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