Jacques & Jess!!

I had the opportunity recently to meet one of the greatest chefs of all time: Jacques Pepin. It was an amazing experience! My job allows me to do some pretty cool things and meet great people while marketing. One of the events we did was a “Cooks with Books” dinner that Book Passage organized at the Left Bank restaurant in Larkspur. Jacques Pepin was the star of the show and his recipes were recreated by the culinary team working under chef, Roland Passot.

The start of the event was exciting, meeting Jacques was like a dream. It was truly a special thing for me because I shared a love for him and his cooking with my {late} Grandmother. I remember as a girl, watching him every Saturday and taking my notes. We {my grandmother and I} would then go to the market and buy up all the ingredients needed for me to try and make what Jacques made! Naturally I was dying to actually meet and talk to him. I fostered up the courage to sit beside him and ask if I could “have a smooch for a photo”. Smooch, really? Yes… and he looked at me with a grin from ear to ear and said, “a smooch? Ok!” and he turned and kissed me right on the lips {as I was trying to kiss his cheek!}. Of course when the perfect photo op takes place, the camera is never quite ready. I look at my Fiance, who is in complete awe that his gal just kissed JP and said, “did you get that?”, well he didn’t, but we did get this great shot!






After all of the excitement, I was terrified to speak about Trione wines in front of a group of almost 200. But, I did it, and I was great. There was really no way I would goof up after such an amazing meal. I have never been to France but I felt with every bite that I was in a fancy restaurant there splurging on a delicious cuisine.


From the Pea Pod Soup to the tender lamp chops to the bourbon soaked bread, everything was divine.

I was even able to get a signed menu for my little guy from both chef’s, “Logan, good luck as a chef!”, what a great surprise he had, Logan was SO excited!




It was an honor to be beside such a legend. I know I will remember that feeling for the rest of my life!



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