Lights. Camera. Action.

Lights at candlestick The Niners Vs. Steelers game was surely something to talk about and Monday night football no less, the seats were filled. Nine minutes before kick off, the power flickered and then, poof…gone. A power outage in Candlestick Park? Has this happened before? The game is delayed and with the undoubtedly high amounts of testosterone or boozie chics for that matter after the hours of tailgating, the wait was sure to be a long one. I was waiting at one of the turnoffs just before entering the park to meet up with our friend that had the tickets. Attempting to tweet and look anything up about the status of the blackout, was denied by the lack of service in and around the stadium. After entering and waiting in line through the more in depth security checks (almost as if “they” planned for a blackout and wanted to be sure it was still safe, hmm…) than usual, we bought our beers and went to our seats. Mid first quarter and what do you know? Lights out! The video shows all of the folks taking pictures of the blacked out stadium, pretty epic actually. I can only assume that every football lover out there wished they were there and all the unfaithful 49ers fans, wished they kept their season tickets while they were losing… Lights out at Candlestick is not something you see everyday, and after the confirmation of the move to Santa Clara, opportunities to be at Candlestick Park are veering to an end. The lighting was not the only issue the park had Monday night. Previous American Idol star and local guy, James Durbin came on stage at halftime and should have shinned. However, the stadium was silent while listening to the echoing broken words of some song one could not even begin to sing along to. I sat at my seat and wondered: why when “Jack Box” (the sponsor for Monday nights game, came on and finished his commercial on the big screen) stood up in the viewing boxes did the lights suddenly go out again? A brilliant way to show fans that the stadium is just not fit for our team and if a “family man” and successful corporation ( that supports our team) backs them up so freely, why shouldn’t we? So why have three previous American Idol stars performing? Why did James Durbin have to suffer in the early part of his career? For the successes of the team? I wonder if that is the case. I can’t help but wonder if there is simply some genius marketing god behind all of this. Its tough to say because news travels fast over the social channels, however, when service and social networking is blocked in and around the stadium, its a moot point.

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