Los Gatos Brewing Company

In the heart of the beautiful downtown Los Gatos is a great spot that was converted into a brewery from an old car mechanics building. They have old photos of the cars being worked on, lifted up on the rafters. The inside has a sort of salon style feel with the big booths and the leather top bar stools and small round bar tables. The bartender was extremely attentive; he heard our conversation about what we were thinking about ordering, came over and confirmed and put the order through.

This was by far one of the high end eateries when it comes to breweries: Thai sausage lettuce wraps, crispy calamari {thick rings} and pepperoni pizza. The pizza was under cooked, so a bit disappointing but the lettuce wraps and calamari make up for it.


The beers were listed and served in the sampler in a goofy order but anyone that knows brew could figure out not to taste the dark ones before the Hefeweizen. All had quite interesting flavors, the Hefeweizen had flavors of banana cream, the stout was very coffee like; all good. They do not sell growlers, so unfortunately we were unable to go home with anything. The city of Los Gatos sees growlers as an open container {interesting} therefore, illegal.


Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3


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