Manners and media

When did it become OK to go up to a total stranger and say, “this is wrong, you are both on your phones”? Is it because we are in a pub like atmosphere that it lessens the intrusion factor? I recall as a young girl going to the early bird special with my grandparents at Carrows (don’t judge) and noticing the older couples reading their sections of the paper in silence. I wondered about it. I wondered if they were happy because society made it seem to me at the time, that was strange. Did I ever go and ask them? Gosh no, my grandfather would have nailed me.
Why is it okay for a stranger at the Russian River Brewery to chime into my life bubble and suggest that our current situation is unacceptable? Who is entitled to say that what I am doing with my lunchtime is right or wrong? If my fiance and I are both surfing the inter-web or twitter, who else should judge? Okay, go ahead, but don’t bother coming up to me and saying so, it’s rude.
I wonder what those people have going on in their lives that they feel the need to intrude in someone else’s.
 Social media has really changed the way people interact together. It’s interesting to view the different situations. In some sense I am spending my time in an impersonal manner, but then again, it is my time.

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