Moxie’s Project 366

**Life ended up getting in the way and I did not finish the 366. Oh well, maybe another leap year.




All over the interweb folks are snapping away, posting pictures daily and tagging them #PhotoADay, #Instagram366 or #Project366 since 2012 has 366 days in the year. Well, why not jump on this fun creative band wagon and join? After all, I have an IPhone with about 22 photography apps on it. Photos will be captured throughout the daily life of many hundreds or thousands of people all over for this Project 366. I thought this sounded like a really swell way to document yet another fantastic year in the wine country. What better place to shoot random photos than a beautifully picturesque place? Oh, and I surround myself with really funny people so the chances of me catching interesting poses and subliminal messages on film, well, they’re high.


January 1 ~ Corks leftover from the excellent bottles of wine from the night before; a 1979 Chateau La Mission Haut Brion.







January 2 ~ Cheese, avocado and bread & Butter pickle sando {Just like my Gram used to make}








January 3 ~ “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”  G. Stein. Truth.

This photo is taken at Alexander Valley Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA








January 4 ~ Last one for a time, while I embark on the journey of SoCo Boot Camp…. A Maker’s Mark Manhattan, up with two shakes of bitters. If I were stranded on a desert island, I hope I’d have some Maker’s…. This one is from Medlock Ames, Alexander Valley Bar.








January 5 ~ A walk on the railroad tracks with my best friend. The sun is lower and much brighter than normal. It’s stunning on even the simpliest leaves.








January 6 ~ Okay, so it wasn’t my last Manhattan….








January 7 ~ Keep the peace fools! Social fun is not just “fun” for everyone… to be seen and not heard, well, that flat out sucks. So, let’s revert back to the days of the Beatles and keep the peace, because, let’s face it, “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you are meant to be in time…All you need is love”








January 8 ~ Trione Vineyards & Winery- my place of work, where I hang my hat and spend a good chunk of my time. I love it.








January 9 ~ The flowers at Lancaster Estate Winery. My eyes saw the prefect picture of beauty but the kicker was, I had to get down real low. Given my current Boot Camp status, it was less than easy, in fact, it was horrible, but I love daisies and this January has been incredible weather. I took one for my Instagram team and my project 366. Looking back, it was worth it.








January 10 ~ My heart; in so many words.








January 11 ~ It does not really seem right that this be my very first “dinning out food picture” however, these clams from Stark’s Steakhouse were everything one could hope for in a single bite: covered in parsley and garlic clarified butter. Nuf said.








January 12 ~ My work family. I thought it made sense, since I spend a huge amount of my life talking to, with or thinking about these people, they be in my first month of #Moxies366. I must say, I would not know what life would be like without them <3





January 13 ~ My <3, I helped raise this place. Opened in December 2008, I began my venture with Trione that November. There were ups and downs and lot’s of learning. Now, I am happy & Very proud to say, we are on a great track. The wine is great, the crew is genuine and my wine club members are a dream. I really, really love what I do.

It’s beautiful too. <3








January 14 ~ Well any blog of mine would not be complete without a tribute to my last meal on earth: Hog Island Oysters. Truth be told, I do not discriminate when it comes to these tasty little guys, however, I love local and I eat local. Hog Island Oyster Company farms their oysters above the ground, making each oyster fresh and clean. This is also less cost effective so the Hogs are fairly exclusive to a select number of lucky restaurants and to their own farm and restaurant. If you have not had one, I recommend a dozen.








January 15 ~ This is in the restroom at Mustache CupCakery in Healdsburg. I just loved it. Come, be awed by the beauty of the cupcake, lavish in the flavors and go back in time with your childhood comic cutouts before you finish a walk around the square.








January 16 ~ The Coit Tower, a San Francisco treasure. Honoring Lillie Hitchcock Coit whose fortune funded the monument. Lillie is known to be the “Matron Saint of the San Francisco Firefighters”.  I beautiful monument on the top of Telegraph Hill, one of the most beautiful views in the city.








January 17 ~ Since I insist in my bio that I love Manhattans and blog about them, I thought I would throw in another shot. This Manhattan ended up being one of my favorites. Perfect balance, sweet, soaked brandied cherries and full of vibrant color. Farallon Restaurant, you did me good. <3








January 18 ~ Life is the wine country is filled with excitement. Life in the wine business is filled with wine tasting. It is part of my job to expand my palate and educate myself on the wines comparable to our in the market place. My life is sweet. And Trione took #1. It was completely blind.








January 19 ~ We decided to take the family along with our good friend and my brother and his girlfriend to the 49ers Game. This picture is in honor of the day we made that decision. There is nothing better than a tailgate in the rain with all of the family.








January 20 ~ My brother and his little admirer. Gotta love family.








January 21 ~Gearing up for #SfGIants









January 22 ~This is the way I live….









January 23 ~ Missing NYC









January 24 ~ Manhattans a beautiful hand bags









January 25 ~ Who has it better than us? Nobody, well, we lost but this picture is Epic.








January 26 ~ Bacon and bloody Mary? Yes, please.








January 27 ~ Looking for our perfect “save the date” picture…





January 28 ~Yep, it’s true.








January 29 ~My buddy and me. Rocking the old school Niner gear. Go Niners,, Love you Gram!








January 30 ~ Mouth watering yumminess…






January 31 ~ Flowers from my soul sista!








February 1 ~ MY birthday! My love had this beautiful cake made for me; Carrot Cake with pecans instead of walnuts because I am allergic.








February 2 ~A better look. Since birthdays are supposed to last all month, my #366 everyday photo will most likely revolve around my birthday in February 🙂








February 3 ~ Something everyone should be so lucky to eat, Foie Gras.








February 4 ~The bill at Rosso is presented in a sweet way.








February 5 ~ In our free time, Tim and I enjoy visiting breweries. #Sfbeerweek at Stumptown








February 6 ~ Our lives are incomplete without a taste of the Younger.








February 7 ~ Cleaning out my closet- Go Dragons! There is still something about that Noma Pride….








February 8 ~ The poppies around the valley are among my favorite flowers.








February 9 ~ My friends at Mercury Wine make these awesome little jugs that everyone has to have in their house. Brilliant.








February 10 ~ My fiance really knows how to make me smile. This mustard, this year reminds me of the year my best friend photographed me. We made a day of it, it was a beautiful day filled with laughter.








February 11 ~ I have come to spend a lot of time here at Medlock Ames Bar. Their cocktails are dynamite and made with fresh herbs from the garden.








February 12 ~ The last few days I have missed my buddy, Heather more than I thought I would!! Here’s to you, Hizel, and to our summer together when you return and speak to me in Spanish 🙂 I <3 You.








February 13 ~ Happy Pre Valentines Day from the head table at the Geyserville Chamber.








February 14 ~There is no better time for a Margarita…








February 15 ~ The evening sky in Alexander Valley








February 16 ~The calm before the storm- it looks like Spring is near in the vineyards…








February 17 ~ A juicy burger








February 18 ~I was going through some NYC photos and just had to include this. I loved this dog, he was just chillin’ out, sitting on the stoop.







February 19 ~ Our little mini chef! He’s sure he will one day run a three Michelin star rated restaurant. 🙂








February 20 ~ My Twitter buddy! Enjoying a sip at Robert Young Winery









February 21 ~ Geyserville breaks ground! The new Community Park is on its way! I just love this shot because it’s everything G’Ville really is: silly, happy and fun (with a photographer at every event to capture it). I thought it was suiting to have a picture of Rick taking the picture.








February 22 ~Cheese please!








February 23 ~  The famous Winemaker dinner at Trione. This event I am always so proud of, I work hard to ensure each detail is perfect. This one in particular deserves several #photofthedays. Tim and Peloton went all out: first up is the Beet Bisque








February 24 ~ What is better than cold meats? A beautiful shot of cold meats….








February 25 ~ A piece of beef to make you swoon








February 26 ~ Rye knot? I deserve it. A refreshing whiskey beverage at Medlock Ames.








February 27 ~ A sunday morning delight: Dungeness crab melts and mimosas








February 28 ~ My first hockey game: the San Jose Sharks VS. the Jersey Flyers. We won!








February 29 ~ The extra day of the year- it makes sense for me to have a photo of my love and I in New York.


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