October 2023 – Update – My Journey to Joy

From Jess – Update, October 2023 – The life of being healthy and continuing to work on your health is an ever long one, it is never ending. I continued to be alcohol free, commit to workouts, and try to eat healthy while still living life. The mindset shift came at some point when I least expected it, and I realized that in order to continue this trajectory of healing and progress, I had to do more for myself. I hit the therapy harder and went inward more and more to heal. Trying to knock the depression that is exacerbated by the PCOS symptoms, is hard. Through encouraging fitness programs, talking to positive people, surrounding myself by possibilities of change and growth, really kept my head held high. I am still maintaining the weight-loss, but not going down… that’s one of the issues with PCOS, weight is HARD to come off and a lot of it has to do with hormones, the stress hormone for me. So you just can’t let it get you down, or make weight the focus. It’s not a sprint…. Goals for the next few months are to find joy my choices, relax, sleep well (and enough), practice yoga, workout, and be intentional. I try to tell myself I will fit in these size 10 jeans, and that is a goal, its not consuming me. That’s the dream right there, to discover what you need in life, focus on how to achieve it, but to not let it consume you. That way, you will keep your eye on the prize and keep going for it, without giving up.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you find encouragement in my story.

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