Old 99 Brewing Company

In the tiny little one horse town of Roseburg, Orgeon, is this small little warehouse style brewery owned by three couples {two who live nearby and one who lives in Vancouver}. The wives run the front of the show and the husbands brew the beer. They are super down to earth, friendly, and welcoming.

They are happy to sell samplers of all of their beers, they fill growlers, sell cool ones, have a place to sit inside, and even a place to set your beer while you are in the bathroom {it’s the little things in life…}

This is starting to come as less of a surprise throughout our Washington and Oregon trip: I loved the red. Of course the IPA was standout but the red was balanced and hoppy, my favorite was the “Plan B“, more of a hoppy pale, and the “Billy Bad Ass“.

The hours are very limited. Thankfully they had just started to be open on Thursdays the week we were there! Fate. They are open Thursdays and Fridays from 4-8pm and Saturdays from noon to 8pm.

This was a fun find. All of the people sitting around were local and excited to support these cool cats in their great beer making venture. I look forward to going back!



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