Partake Restaurant

My craving for a delicious, coursed out, wine paired meal was completely satisfied at Partake. What a wonderful experience to be able to enjoy course after course of local ingredients {most coming from the gardens of Kendall-Jackson} paired with KJ’s finest wines.

All of the incredible flavors were there: heirloom zucchini salad, rabbit sausage, dates, radishes, fried mushrooms {WOW!}, heirloom tomatoes beef sliders {my favorite, of course…I am a sucker for a toasted bun} and peanut butter and chocolate. The evening was divine.

The food was off the charts.

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Fried Maitakie mushrooms.




























The service was fantastic too. The server was genuine and consistent, in fact, his role was well rehearsed and he made sure he covered all of the bases when serving the wines and bringing out the foods. His descriptions of the wines and information about the vineyards were spot on and when there was something he did not know the answer to, he said that. I really appreciated the honesty and the genuinely good service.

The Chef’s also brought out courses. What a nice touch. The team at Partake really understand the importance of good service and the extra attention with all of the little things.

Partake is definitely on my top list for restaurants in Healdsburg area.



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