Petite Syrah

A stellar addition to downtown Santa Rosa’s Old Railroad Square. Once again, Josh Silvers has outdone himself. Having been a fan of the previous, Syrah Bistro, I knew I could count on great food at Petite Syrah. Small plates of American cuisine, there was a variety of options from hanger steak to pork belly to oysters to beet salad. All dishes screamed local, local, local. The hanger steak cooked medium rare, melted on the palate and was full of flavor but mostly coming from the actual beef; amazing.

The pork belly, crisp on the outer edges, bursts of flavor; the perfect compliment with the 1997 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon we brought.








The beet salad was simple and filled with flavor, served along side house made goat cheese panacotta.

The atmosphere was warm, we were sat in the courtyard area with views of all the shops in the building. We had a ton of room and for a group of eight, we felt comfortable in the space.

The service was pretty fantastic, our gal was witty and attentive, ave great suggestions and seemed to be a wonderful addition to the team. Dinning out with some folks from New York and Boston, she could have been overwhelmed, but she handled our table like a rockstar. We all felt very taken care of and I was thoroughly impressed with the entire experience.

For the quality of food, local ingredients and creativity; the price point is spot on. The cost for eight people to enjoy 2-3 of each of the appetizers, mids (entrees) and deserts plus wine was right around $600.

If this price still seems out of your budget, Petite Syrah is participating in the Sonoma County Restaurant Week at the end of February. This place is not to be missed!

Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3




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