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I know that many of the people I know have all either lost someone or gone through tough times due to cancer of some sort with a loved one at a time in their lives. I have seen cancer hit many people I care about. I have known a few ladies who have fought the fight against breast cancer and recently after launching this promotion, I have learned more stories from wonderful women who came into Trione and shared their personal feelings and stories. I also felt honored to have a couple share their intimate stories {Both the mans perspective and the ladies difficulties and how it affected their marriage} with me. That really set the tone for this “Think PINK October” promotion. We are doing this for real people and supporting real issues, and fighting for real families. It’s amazing.
Graphic courtesy of North West Pharmacy

Photo courtesy of North west Pharmacy 

Each event I get to create and each promotion I am given permission to do, I am amazed by the family I work for. My job is seriously really great. This month, all month long Trione is thinking pink and donating 15% of total sales for our Zinfandel and Primitivo. Buy online here or come visit the tasting room, taste the wines, learn about the family and our brand, and help support the fight against breast cancer.

In keeping inline with the Sonoma County ways of loving the outdoors and cycling: Trione has also partnered with the Trek Store of Santa Rosa to raffle off two Electra Townie 7D “His + Hers” bikes!! To buy tickets and to look at these pretty babies, come on by the tasting room in Geyserville!

You can also buy tickets online here. The more you spend, the better the deal! These bikes are each valued at $478.

Spread the word and help us raise more money for the cure! Tweet @Moxie_Lady @TrioneWinery @TrekSantaRosa #Trione4theCure #TrioneForTheCure #BetterTogether

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