Raising Funds for the Valley Fire Victims: Trione Matches upto $10K

Lake County has been devastated by a fire that’s taken the homes of so many. Shelters have been created at various locations throughout Napa and Lake Counties for the families who have lost everything.

My best friends father had to evacuate his home from the Barryessa Estates. The devastation is shown all over the news and in photos posted across social media channels. My Aunts live in Lake County and thankfully their homes were not affected. They now go to the Moose Lodge to help out by bringing toiletries, toys for the kids, and money that they can spare.

In Geyserville we decided to help out in a way that will hopefully be really impacting- at Trione we are sending a link around to collect funds and the Trione family is Mary hong up to $10,000. So far we have raised $1,000 just overnight. Through social media and blogs, I know we will reach $10K.

Please help us by donating if you can, or passing this along:

It’s incredible to see so many people coming together to help these families.

This photo was taken at Fitch Mountain in Healdsburg.

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Rink Photography
Photo Courtesy of Anthony Rink Photography

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