Reminiscing about baseball season

With the recent news of my favorite player Javier Lopez being signed onto my favorite sports team for the next three years, I felt it necessary to reminisce. I first saw Javier at Spring Training when he was the only player to stop after I stood in the rain for over two hours begging each car that passed by for an autograph for my thirteen year old son. In the pouring rain, in Arizona, a police officer {with children of his own at home} felt for me so he laughed as I inched my way into the lot further, rather than arrest me, he turned his head slightly. After throwing my hand up {with new ball and sharpie in hand} for the fiftieth time, soaking wet, I was feeling like it may not be the time. In the distance I saw the big Cadillac pull forward and slow down with a long, tan arm wave me over from out of the driver window. Oh my, this was was I was waiting for! All of the waiting paid off because my cousin and I were the only ones to get an autograph that day. Javier was so kind, it was almost like he saw the look of desperation in my eyes as he waved me over. I’m not sure if I was more excited or my son for the ball with his name on it, but it was worth the wait. Since that day, Lopez has been my favorite player. That left handed hunk stole my heart when he was the only Giant to sign a ball on that one rainy day in Arizona in 2011.

Glad you’re sticking around Lopez!


Since then my family and I have spend many days and nights at AT & T Park and other ballparks across the country watching our favorite boys. We were there for the grand opening of the @ Cafe and have loved seeing our photos live ever since, we love to tweet to the Giants, we took our Christmas photo on the field when our youngest was the “play ball kid”, we shouted to the top of our lungs at game two and our little got a ball from Blanco. We sported orange and black, in the rain as we got drenched at game seven for the big win in 2012. We love the Giants and we are excited for another great year! Next up: Spring Training!!

IMAGE_F5A3FC64-8B1E-4031-A231-488DED5D8C36.JPG IMAGE_4DC7F250-DC35-4B85-B297-E9394CFD2048.JPG IMAGE_510A240B-1807-4C61-A9C0-698AF287B3AF.JPG IMAGE_4A42919D-D733-4AA9-BAED-8DF023568E35.JPG IMAGE_599E9446-51F2-4643-A256-DE3C2ECFAB83.JPG IMAGE_F5E86AF2-E8EE-4B81-8F0E-B94144086EF4.JPG IMAGE_0F8D760A-B040-4AED-AF5F-F3B2C685E5FA.JPG IMAGE_7E6451EB-54A8-47AD-9581-66DD7811B4F0.JPG Giants spring .jpg IMAGE_BA3B9B5B-0E62-45AB-BF22-C939E83D18C1.JPG IMAGE_0CDD0DB9-BE00-4F41-881B-F289369EF4B0.JPG IMAGE_F531FB66-8172-41E7-B985-36C1817171AE.JPG IMAGE_D06A50AA-DA9B-4144-8A8F-B15463992C63.JPG IMAGE_0047DEA4-DECC-404D-832F-3607ACE32511.JPG IMAGE_4F3AB372-4923-4BB3-939E-5E24BB95EAF4.JPG IMAGE_BC9F2200-78A1-4237-A885-B38FD3BC2FFA.JPG IMAGE_5AAC57B1-45AA-4CD7-88B8-3D0445BB15CF.JPG IMAGE_5038DC38-9C50-43C2-B9E3-ADF5799C089B.JPG

  10 31 12_Giants Parade_4201.jpg

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