Sacramento Beer Trip

My hubby and I made a date day and what better way to spend it then with awesome new breweries?!

We set off for Sacramento area. On the way we made a stop at Berryessa Brewing Company. We had met a guy from there at the 49er game {the last game at Candlestick} and he gave us his growler, we just had to go and show support. The guy was there, Steven. We tried all of their beers {they do samplers} and hung out chatting with the owner. Their taproom is next to the win tasting room but the businesses are separate. The brewer {one of the owners: husband and wife team. He brews and she runs the front} was a brewer in Washington before they came here. You can tell craft beer is in his blood. The

Tim has history at Sudwerk {this is where he had his very first kitchen job} and since they just did a huge facelift and relaunch with their brand, we thought we would check it out. Their beers are classically made and always consistent. Their food on the other hand is a bit funky but the artichoke dip I’d recommend if what’s needed is some substance in your tummy.

Bike Dog Brewing was next. This place is cool. Google maps will take you all the way around the block  so that you can make a right hand turn into their little parking lot, it’s pretty simple to find. We sat at the bar and we’re served by one of the owners, AJ. The beers are excellent. I loved the Mosaic Pale Ale. With AJs hospitality and conversation, I was easily swayed to buy a blank growler {our first and last blank one} just because I wanted to support them and I had to take that Mosaic home with me. Their tasting room is small and cozy. There literally were several dogs and bikes filling up the place. No dogs on bikes but it was still early. There’s parking for your bike inside. They do samplers, the prices are good, they’re friendly, and they have cool shirts. They will be getting logo-growlers soon. I loved this place, they are totally into social media too. Before we got there, I was tweeting to them and it’s the owners and brews who are doing it. We will definitely be back!

IMAGE_96.jpg IMAGE_95.jpg

Next stop: the long awaited Knee Deep Brewing. Far away from everything and in an industrial place but they know how to keep people hanging out. They have reinvented the reasoning behind handing out salted nuts at bars in order to keep people ordering more beers… They have games for all ages, food trucks, and heaters to make for a comfortable atmosphere. They are so accommodating and their beer is AMAZING! The owner is there to chat it up with and is down for some good convo. Kids are welcome too!

Out of Bounds was next on the list and what a great place. They had a sampler in place so we could taste all beers. Served on a lazy Susan, it’s the coolest sampler display yet. Awesome. They had beautiful beers. There is a Food truck there regularly so check their Facebook for information. I loved this brewery. It’s a cool place to hang out and the beer is fantastic. IMAGE_101.jpg

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