Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

​After a long day in the warm sun with family and friends, we were starving. I read some reviews about this place and they all sounded pretty good. The food was rated well and that was our mission; good grub. We hopped in the car and headed over. At 6:50pm we approached the bar where a nice gentleman asked if I would like him to move over so the three of us could sit; kind, genuine totally Santa Cruz.

The bartender was not happy when we asked about food. Not having seen a menu, nor would he offer any information, we had no idea that 7:00pm was the cut off for food. He made it seem like we were putting him out by thinking we could possibly eat there. We pushed because like the guy at the end of the bar said, “it says they serve until 7:00pm so they need to serve until 7:00pm, not 6:50pm”. The food comes from the neighboring bakery and the time guidelines are their rules.

We ordered polish sausages that came on a fresh baked and slightly soft sour roll, ham and Swiss panini and a caesar salad; all delicious. The polish dog was probably one of the best that I have had yet and the bread was so warm and scrumptious. It just kept getting better and better with each bite {kind of like the bartender, he was more pleasant the longer we stayed}.


The beers on the other hand were nothing to really brag about. The flavors were bland and not really anything I like in beers. They were very light and some seemed so clear, almost watery {the wheat in particular}. The story and the way they brew the beer is cool. All of the beer is brewed organically and naturally so it is what is it. The do change it up and make different beers like a Lavender ale or one that Horchata flavored; definitely different.

The location is nice, it’s in a warehouse type area surrounded by shops and wine tasting rooms. They have a small patio and a tiny inside space but it’s cozy. Worth the stop.



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