Slippery Pig Brewery

Slippery Pig Brewery has potential to be a great place to hang out. The space is huge, they have a lot of entertainment, and seems like a cool spot to go and listen to music in the small viking town.

You can bring in your own food from a restaurant nearby, they also have menus for you to check out while you’re there.

The beers were all fruit or floral infused, or spice beers. Personally, none were for my taste but for those who desire that style- stop in because they have 14 different ones to choose from.


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2 thoughts on “Slippery Pig Brewery

  1. Thanks Ducky for the update! I was there in November and and I look forward to coming back to see what you all have done!

  2. Slippery Pig has it’s own menu now (since Feb. 2015) with a variety of tasty and affordable options, so we discourage customers from bringing in food from outside.
    We’ve also worked to change our license to allow a Cider to our guest taps and a selection of Washington State bottled wines. – Ducky, Chief Popcorn Officer, Slippery Pig

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