Southwest (Airlines) Porch at The Park Tavern: Atlanta, Georgia

Normally I would not be so blatantly opinionated- I would weave in the positives too, but there were none here.


Southwest Porch at Park Tavern 
It sounds like southwest is supporting this restaurant and that’s a huge mistake because southwest has high standards. This place should be shut down.
It’s a great location but if the health department doesn’t shut them down then the locals will by not patronizing them because the staff is very rude and poorly managed.
We had a very bad first impression:
the small lot in front was filled with cars but no sign of life
anywhere, so we walked around the back and finally found the hostess.
Hostess said hello and seemed nice but didn’t know the name of the brewery and simply asked us to sit anywhere we’d like.
We walked in and the table in the middle of the restaurant having what appeared to be family meal 4:30pm They OPEN at 4:30pm for service.
We went up to the bar to inquire about their beer and the bartender was quiet, not too responsive, didn’t seem to want us talking to her, and seemed quite rude. We still asked questions about the beer, then each ordered one pint (we asked for a half each but they would not do that…)
Our $4.00 pint was served to us in a plastic cup. Mine was $5.00.
At the tables: everything was already put on: a stack of plates, a bin of forks, chop sticks, and napkins. Menus were ripped and dirty.
It’s was about 95 degrees and humid- the door leading to the restaurant was left open and I watched the staff (I noticed about 16 people) walk by the open door and not ever consider closing it. The hot air proceeded to come inside and that changed the environment greatly.
Did I mention this is a sushi place? They serve raw sushi, rolls, and various other things.
I would think the cool air would be much better in that type of restaurant.
These gals came in while we were sitting at a bar table and asked for a table- the hostess brought them in, asked them to wait, then ask someone else where to sit the ladies because they had a party of 20- something (the room was filled with empty tables and loads of space) coming in shortly. The hostess proceeded to ask the ladies if they had an appointment, they replied no, she then went on to let them know they had a large group coming in soon.
She sat them in an entirely different room.
Then a lady in the back spoke loudly, across the room and said, “NAME, next time don’t ask them where they want to sit, it’s better that way”.
This place had so many flaws.
We grabbed our things and walked out towards the front and saw three of the staff (who I can only assume we’re already on shift) smoking cigarettes. All we could talk about is, “where is the manager??”
A little side note:
When we got back to our car, all of the cars in the very front were still there, yet we were 3 of 5 people (patrons) meaning those cars belonged to employees. That’s a terrible place for employees to park when you’re expecting customers.

Southwest should reconsider being associated with the Park Tavern. I do not recommend this restaurant/brewery. This please operates in a very backwards, no managed manner.

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