Steel Head Brewing Company

Steel Head had all sorts of beers that were named for the San Francisco Giants which is always awesome to see because I’m a huge fan. The beers were alright, it really was the perfect anecdote for an insanely hot day {107 degrees}. However, we were sipping away on the sampler inside the brew pub that was even hotter than outside! The pub is huge {warehouse like} and the ceiling is very high with the fans mounted some twenty feet above us, deeming them useless. Perhaps they have air conditioning and were just not utilizing it, I’m not sure but it was definitely tough to concentrate on drinking beer in such heat. The Saison, however, is the perfect pairing for the hot summer day- light, fresh, clean and crisp with flavors of banana and floral aromas. I realized I am falling in love with Saison’s. The beers are delicious. The Raging Rhino Red was mixed with the Bombay Bomber IPA because they were out of one of the beers listed on the sampler menu and boy was that a nice surprise. That made me want to do a little #craftbeer mixing myself as the day went on.

Nachos and the Double Play IPA are a must try together. Spicy jalapenos, pasty black beans and loads of melted cheese are the perfect pairing for that bitter, hop-heavy and slightly zestful beer.

Our server was a really sweet gal. The bartender said he was out of one of the beers on the list. My love decided that he really had to have that beer and they must have some on the back so he guilted our server {of course}, so she went in the back and then miraculously came out with a pint for him. 😉

Truth be told, I know food, I am passionate about it anyway. <3


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