The Beauty that IS Sonoma County

The Beauty that is Sonoma County

My pal’s Jim and Katia of wine Questers came by for a visit last month. It’s always fun to see these guys and low and behold, I was off for a visit with my dear friend, Lorna of Route 128 Winery in Geyserville, when they came in! Lorna, so sweet and shy, I talked her into doing a little video interview with them. It’s so funny, we do that day in and day out behind the bar but when someone comes to you and say, “Hey, I’d like to film you talking about what makes Sonoma County so great….” you freeze up and suddenly all that information you have is out of your mind! Together, though, Lorna and I got through it! Cheers to a great day and to a great community; the gem of the wine country: Sonoma County.

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