The best of 2011

2011 was a great year for me, a lot happened! From Giants Spring Training to crazy family stuff that all in the end, turned out alright. Then, I got engaged! What a special way to end the year!! I am truly blessed with a great family, wonderful workplace, beautiful home and an all around great life!

I love!


Me and Brian Wilson!
Spring Training A’s game! Me and my love!


Our little angel
Family road trip to Washington & Oregon


The view from the top~ just before I said YES!

Tim and I went off to the big apple to be even colder than we would be at home in November! That’s okay though, we went to do what most people try to avoid, EAT! Little did I know, Tim had other plans… at the top of the Empire State Building, on our first night, the most beautiful night we had, he proposed!! With a ring as beautiful as our love and sentimental with the ruby in honor of my Grandmother, I said YES! So truly amazing, every time I look down at my hand, I see New York in the stone and am filled with love over again!

I said YES! Of course!
Right after Tim proposed at the top of the Empire State Building!
That’s a good lookin’ canolli!
The best pastrami in NYC…Katz
Per Se for my loves birthday!

The greatest part of 2011 was eating my way through Manhattan, an engaged woman! Lifting my fork and then sipping my Manhattan or bubbly with my left hand and seeing that sparkle, was just the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! I have to say I feel pretty lucky to live in such a special place and see so many wonderful friends and family members as often as I do.