The Rare Barrel- a house of sours

After meeting the guys from The Rare Barrel at a tasting in our favorite beer shop: Beer Craft, my hubby joined their Founders Club {for me since I’m the one who is in love with sours}. We anxiously awaited their opening. As members, we were invited to their pre opening, but since they are so small spouses were unable to come, only one person per membership. Now that would have irritated either one of us so we waited and went together. The beer was worth the wait!

Every one of their beers are smooth, complex and had a surprisingly low alcohol content.  I cannot wait until we can go back for our growler. Their pints are all $8-$10 each. They will only do growlers for founders club members currently because they only have so much beer and it takes a bit of time to make. Each day they have a specific beer that they will put into growlers.  They serve a couple different panini options too. This definitely made my top ten favorite breweries list.

The vibe is great, the people who work in the tasting room are cool and nice. It’s worth the drive. The beers are off the richter.

DSC_0366.NEF DSC_0374.NEF DSC_0380.NEF

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