Tin Dog Brewing

In a small parking lot with a deli next door is the new Tin Dog. It’s a tiny spot with a few seats inside and everything is pretty cozy. They have four beers on tap and their sampler is served in little two ounce plastic cups. You may or may not know but when you pour beer into plastic it is extra foamy. When beer is poured into a tiny itty biddy little plastic cup, the entire taste is mostly foam. Right away the experience was a bit shot. We sipped the beer and couldn’t help but wonder what it may have tasted like had we had it in an actual glass. The taster was $5.
They serve some food: pizza and empanadas. They don’t have a kitchen so the foods are cooked in a toaster oven. It’s a nice little set up and they literally just opened within the last couple of weeks so I’m sure they are still figuring things out.

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